Ye Duan, Associate Professor

Ye Duan is an Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of Missouri. He is  the Director of Center for Urban Safety, and the Director of the Cognitive Internet of Things (CIoT) for Intelligent Communities – Industry Supported Consortium (ISC). His research interests include computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, and biomedical imaging, with a special focus on 3D deep learning. He has received funding from NSF, NIH,  DoD, DoE, ARL, NGA, Honeywell, Bosch, etc.




209 Naka Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

PostDoc Fellow

Adil Al-Azzawi

Ph.D Students

Xu Wang
Yuyan  Li
Chuanmao Fan
Caleb Heinzman
Kolton  Speer
Linquan Lyu
Payal Mohadikar

M.S  Students

Imad Eddine Toubal
I  Chang
Huiting Li
Varsha Vakkavanthula

Undergraduate  Students

Rushul Thakker
Ruicheng Peng
Hao  Xi
Chule Hou
Luke Fisher


Truc Le (Google)
Giang Bui (UChicago)
Brittany Morago (UNC Wilmington)
Qing Lei (Cerner)
Zhong Li (Oppo)
Kevin Karsch (UIUC/Lightform)
Greg Heckenberg (Riot Games)

Zheyu Lu (Centaur Tech)
Xiaochen Yang (Google)
Dahai Liu (Microsoft)
Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi (Missouri State)
Miao Zhang (Topcon Healthcare)
Dmitriy Karpman (Stanford/Hive)
Minxin Cheng (Intel)

Hao Chang (Google)
Wenchuan Qi (UMissouri)
Xiangge Li (Microsoft)
Ratchadaporn Kanawong (Silpakorn University)
Robert Williamson (Google)

Technical focus

Computer Graphics

Machine learning

Computer Vision

Biomedical Imaging


PointGrid: A Deep Network for 3D Shape Understanding, Truc Le and Ye Duan, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition  (SpotLight Presentation, 8% of total submissions), 2018. (paper,code)

Point Based Rendering Enhancement via Deep Learning, Giang Bui, Truc Le, Brittany Morago, and Ye Duan”, The Visual Computer Journal (Proc. Computer Graphics International), 2018. (paper)

Photograph-LIDAR Registration Methodology for Rock Discontinuity Measurement Brittany Morago, Giang Bui, Truc Le, Norbert H. Maerz, and Ye Duan, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2018

A Multi-view Recurrent Neural Network for 3D Mesh Segmentation, Truc Le, Giang Bui, Ye Duan, Computer and Graphics (Proc. International Conference on Shape Modeling), 2017. (paper)

A Primitive-based 3D Segmentation Algorithm for Mechanical CAD Models, Truc Le, Ye Duan, Computer Aided Geometry Design (Proc.International Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing), 2017. (paper)

Incident-Supporting Visual Cloud Computing Utilizing Software-Defined Networking, R. Gargees, B. Morago, R. Pelapur, D. Chemodanov, P. Calyam, Z. Oraibi, Ye Duan, G. Seetharaman, K. Palaniappan, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2017. (paper)